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PCB Design

All in all, if we look at ECS P35T-A, the design will seem pretty flawless, without any serious issues that would catch your eye right away.

Even when we take a closer look at the mainboard PCB we don’t notice any serious drawbacks. The only thing I have to point out is the absence of the traditional PCB layout scheme in the user’s manual. They decided to use a much less illustrative photo instead. Take a look:

I was pretty surprised to see that ECS P35T-A mainboard features two PCI Express x16 slots. However, don’t forget that the second one works at four times lower speed than the primary one. According to the manual, there are only two graphics cards that ECS P35T-A supports in Crossfire mode:

A much longer list of graphics accelerators is claimed to be operational in the secondary PCI Express x4 slot, although it doesn’t include the last generation ATI and Nvidia solutions:

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