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You may notice one thing that is not really typical of Elitegroup mainboards: MOSFET transistors are packed in a close group and covered with a heatsink. Another thing that I have never seen by ECS mainboards before is the electronic components used for the processor voltage regulator circuitry: they used different types of solid-state capacitors.

On the reverse side of the mainboard PCB, right underneath the processor socket there are no big electronic components: the area is clean and empty. There are a few small component parts hanging there, but they are very unlikely to hinder the installation of cooler backplates.

The chipset North Bridge is covered with a small heatsink. Cooling systems like that are usually installed on chipset South Bridges, though.

By the way, if you wish, you may remove the heatsink from the chipset North Bridge and install it on the South Bridge easily. There are proper retention holes around the South Bridge, although the chip is covered with the ECS sticker, no heatsink by default.

ECS P35T-A mainboard uses regular ICH9 South Bridge chip without RAID support. There is also an empty spot for the IEEE1394 controller, but it is not laid out on the PCB. There are also three USB pin-connectors that allow up to 6 additional USB 2.0 ports. JMicron JMB361 controller is responsible for the implementation of the eSATA port on the mainboard rear panel and an IDE1 connector that can host up to two Ultra DMA133/100/66 devices. The connector could have been put in a more optimal place, as Parallel ATA hard drives are rarely used these days, and the cable for the oprical device will have to run through the entire system case.

There are pin-connectors along the lower right corner of the PCB, including the LPT connector. It is a not very common location, but it is definitely better than nothing. Elitegroup mainboards usually don’t have color-coding on the front panel connector block. There are no markings even on the mainboard textolite although a lot of space is taken by the practically useless inscriptions, such as USB 2.0, SATA II 3Gb/s, ATA 133, etc.

I was a little disappointed that there are no fan connectors around the chipset South bridge area. Altogether there are three fan connectors, and they are all in upper left part of the PCB. You will need to use an extender/converter to connect the front panel fan for air intake.

The rear panel of ECS P35T-A mainboard features PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse, a COM port, eSATA, 6 USB ports, network RJ45 port and six audio-jacks. They used 8-channel Realtek ALC883 codec for audio and a pretty rare on contemporary mainboards Intel 82566DC GigaLAN Controller for network support.

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