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ECS P35T-A mainboard was tested with the first and only BIOS version available at the time of our review: version dating back to 06.12.07. The BIOS itself is based on AMI code and look pretty common:

The developers didn’t modify anything seriously. For example, they didn’t collect all the overclocking-friendly features in one special section. Advanced Setup page includes processor parameters and system boot-up management options.

Advanced Chipset Setup page contains memory settings. We can set the memory as DDR2 667 or DDR2 800 and change the major timings.

Integrated Peripherals section allows adjusting the operation of different interfaces and controllers.

PC Health section is not very rich in settings. We can monitor three voltages, two temperatures and rotation speed of two fans.

Processor fan rotation speed can be adjusted, but only if the connector is a four-pin one.

So, we have finally got to Frequency /Voltage Control section, which is also not very rich in settings. Processor clock frequency multiplier cannot be changed, FSB frequency can theoretically be increased to 500MHz, the memory can receive 1.85, 1.9, 1.95 or 2.0V. The chipset North Bridge voltage can be raised by 4%, 8, or 12% above the nominal.

We were pretty surprised with the CPU Voltage parameter settings: the voltage changes in the interval between 1.1V and 1.5V with an unusually large increment of 0.05V.

A large increment like that will hardly let you set the exact desired voltage: it should be at least half the size. The increment of 0.05V is more suitable for memory, but not the CPU.

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