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Brand name, trade mark… These pretty virtual notions cost quite a bit of money not for nothing. Brand names have great influence on the decision making of any contemporary person. And the computer industry is no exception. If you have once purchased a processor, mainboard or graphics card and had a good experience with it, the chances are very high that next time you will go for something from the same vendor. I have seen many times, that the users prefer to match a Gigabyte or Asus mainboard with a VGA card from the same manufacturer. And today you can even get a CPU cooler and a system case, all from one and the same company.

Our choices are very often determined by personal preferences: we either like something or don’t. In the computer industry you can very often come across people who just love one brand and absolutely hate another.

So, why did I start this conversation? Is ECS a brand name? Of course! No doubt about it! But are there a lot of people who can call themselves real ECS fans?

Take, for instance, ECS P35T-A mainboard we discussed today. The mainboard made a pretty neutral impression: it doesn’t push you away, but also doesn’t really attract at the same time. It cannot overclock very well, but it works fine in nominal mode. It boasts pretty modest set of features and accessories bundle, but offers acceptable PCB design and is free from noisy fans. There is nothing we could really complain about, but at the same time, not much to praise, either.

So, it turns out that ECS P35T-A is available in the market, for a pretty affordable price, but at the same time it has no spark about it, no distinguishing feature that would make you remember it and single out among the whole bunch of other work horses out there.

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