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Packaging and Accessories

Even if you are far and unable to read “Golden board” printed on the packaging or recognize the “Black Extreme” series logo, you will unmistakably see that it is a “golden” mainboards, because it comes in a golden box.

The exterior of the front and back of the mainboard box is identical. In fact, it is the first time we ever see a box, which front as well as the back side are both attached with Velcro and can be opened. Just like with most other top mainboards out there, the front side of the box can be flipped open to reveal the mainboard inside through a large clear window. If you flip open the back of the box, you will see some info about this mainboard model with illustrations. Other than that, everything is quite common. There is a sturdy box made of thick cardboard beneath the “golden” top box. The board is protected by an anti-static bag and a cardboard casing, and all the bundled accessories are arranged in a smaller box under the mainboard:

  • Six SATA cables with metal connector locks and only with straight connectors;
  • A module with two additional USB 3.0 ports for the front or back panel of the system case;
  • A set of slot covers for the video outs and USB ports;
  • I/O Shield for the back panel;
  • User manual;
  • Colorful poster with brief assembly instructions in multiple languages;
  • Manual on LucidLogix Virtu MVP Technology;
  • DVD disk with software and drivers.

We have already seen many mainboards that come with additional brackets with USB 3.0 ports for the back of the system case. Other models sometimes come with a module that would bring these ports to the front of the system case. However, Elitegroup came up with the most universal and user-friendly solution. The bracket bundled with the board is originally designed to allow adding two more USB 3.0 ports to the front of the system case, but it also comes with an additional bracket and a set of screws that will let you move these ports to the back of the system case, too. Only ASRock mainboards come with a similar universal component, which also has a chassis for a 2-inch drive built into it, but the solution from Elitegroup boasts longer connecting cable. Another peculiarity of Elitegroup mainboards is a set of plastic caps for the Video Outs and USB ports, which will protect them from damage and dust. They are not in the photo above, but as you can see there is an antenna on that photo, which must have got into the box with our board by accident.

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