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For about half a year already Intel Core 2 Duo processors can be easily purchased almost everywhere, but it is only now that the company is starting massive expansion of this architecture. The beginning of the year was marked with the arrival of the promising Core 2 Duo E4300, in Q2 Intel will announced Pentium E2xx and Celeron 4xx processors, the prices will drop and the CPUs on Core micro-architecture will come even into the budget market segment. As a result, even users with limited budget will be able to forget about the eternal choice between the cost and performance and purchase a Core CPU.

However, buying a new processor only takes you half way through. In order to get your investments to bring you the maximum benefits, the CPU needs to be overclocked and this is when an Intel P965 based mainboard will come in handy. Alternative chipsets definitely have their advantages as well as drawbacks. Moreover, mainboards for Intel processors on Nvidia chipsets mostly belong to the top price segment and the mainboards on ATI chipsets haven’t even started selling yet. And there is no guarantee that the situation will change for the better with the time. So, our interest towards Intel P965 based mainboards is absolutely justified. And today we are going to take a closer look at another new product – EPoX EP-5P965+ GLI mainboard.

Package and Accessories

The box is not rectangular, as it normally would be, but almost square, with a handle for easy transportation. The front side of the box looks very nice, but is hardly informative, while the back side of the box tells everything about the hardware and software functionality of the mainboard:

Some time ago in our abit AW9D-MAX mainboard review we complimented for abit’s approach to packaging stuff. But EPoX is trying not to fall behind on this one and also places all the mainboard’s accessories in an individual box. The box contains the following items:

  • A – mainboard;
  • B – user’s guide;
  • C – FDD cable;
  • D – HDD cable;
  • E – CD disk with drivers and utilities;
  • F – I/O Shield for the rear panel;
  • G – SATA-cables;
  • H – EZ-IDE cables;
  • I – bracket with USB ports;
  • J – thermal sensor;
  • K – a set of mini-heatsinks.

EPoX EP-5P965+ GLI mainboard looks very nice. Let’s take a closer look at it and discuss its major features in greater detail.

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