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Searching and Reflashing the BIOS

Before the mainboard gets to the reviewer, they often manage to release a few BIOS updates fixing some of the problems and adding new features. Therefore, each test session starts with updating the BIOS with the latest version available. However, this routine task turned out impossible to accomplish this time: I couldn’t find the new BIOS for EVGA nForce 750i SLI FTW mainboard.

By clicking Support link on their company web-site you can see smiling faces of the Technical Support team, but there was no BIOS Download page or anything like that. Moreover, even searching for the word “BIOS” on EVGA web-site didn’t help: looked like they simply didn’t use this word at all. The situation was a little better on EVGA’s European web-site. By the way, it looks a little more welcoming, IMHO, not so gloomy as the black It was great to see knew the word “BIOS”, but only in respect to graphics cards, for some reason. I even tried to look for BIOS updates on Nvidia web-site, but they kindly redirected me back to EVGA site…

I practically gave up and turned for help to some colleagues of mine. However, I was moving in the right direction. When I failed to find any mention of the BIOS on the site, I had to click “Download Drivers and Utilities” link that took me to the page designed the same way as Nvidia’s multi-window driver search system. Of course, I had to select Mainboards, then the board model name, but I only got driver sets for different operating systems.

It turned out that instead of clicking on the mainboard name in the list, which seemed pretty logical at the time, I had to scroll all the way down until I found “BIOS Updates” and then selected the appropriate update from the list.

I have never been in a stupid situation like that, when it looked like I couldn’t cope with the simplest task on my own. I assume I could be not the only one facing dead end trying to find the BIOS update, so I would advise EVGA guys to reconsider hiding BIOS updates like that.

And updating the BIOS is actually a much easier procedure than searching for it. You can select an image that will be unpacked onto a disk or a similar image to be later burnt on a CD. The BIOS is reflashed automatically, just pick the right loading device. You will not be able to save the previous BIOS version, but it is a real trifle after all. Most importantly is that the BIOS has been updated.

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