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The mainboard is positioned for overclockers, so it is also bundled with two variable resistors for voltmods.

Enthusiasts often use mainboards in an open platform without any system case. In this case you can put together a special stand using a clear plastic sheet and a set of metal pins:

The sheet has holes in it that coincide with the retention holes of standard ATX mainboards. This way you can arrange the board on your desk very conveniently:

Intel X48 Express chipset used as a basis for Foxconn BlackOps mainboard supports two graphics cards in CrossFire mode. It is bundled wit a CD disk with documentation and ATI software, brief user’s guide and a pair of original adapters.

There is also a set of user’s documentation for the board itself: an installation poster, a manual, a floppy with RAID drivers and a CD disk with software and mainboard drivers.

As a bonus, there is a system case sticker, several transfer pictures and military type metal tags with Quantum Force logo.

We have been listing bundled accessories for quite a while already, however, this is not all that you get with the board. There are also cooling system components, however, we are going to discuss them in the next part of our article.

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