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BIOS Setup

When we first got our hands on Foxconn ELA mainboard, it had very faulty BIOS version P02 in it. However, company representatives assured us that no mainboards with this BIOS revision got into the market. They provided us with the P3 version dating back to 09.23.2008, which did prove way better than the previous one. Let’s take a closer look at it:

The mainboard uses AMI BIOS code. The first page contains the same information that you would normally find in “Standard CMOS Features” and “System Information” sections. Here I could only draw your attention to slightly broader functionality in the part where you set the circumstances for the board to refuse booting: when the keyboard, mouse or floppy drive does not work.

“Advanced BIOS Features” section is quite common, too.

However, we have to check out “Removable Drives” menu. Here we will see that a USB flash drive connected to the board will be recognized as a removable medium.

If we set the “USB Flash Disk” as the first boot-up device, we will be able to boot the system from any USB flash drive connected to it without any prep work done to it in advance. All you need is to have boot-up files for any operating system. It is really convenient that you don’t have to access any special menus, like on most other mainboards, and then select the desired startup device there.

The next few sections do not contain anything new.

The only thing that surprised us was an extremely rare these days “Floppy Drive Swap” parameter in the “SuperIO Configuration” menu of the “Integrated Peripherals” section.

This parameter allows the floppy drive connected as A: to be detected by the system as B: and the other way around. Frankly speaking even last century when the transition from 5.25” to 3.5” media took place this parameter was very rarely used. Today, when 3.5” floppies have almost disappeared already, this parameter is perceived not even as an antiquarian rarity, but as an archeological artifact. The hand-made stirrup for the mammoth bundled with the board could have had pretty much the same use :)

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