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As you may have already understood, our impression of Foxconn ELA mainboard is not very positive. The attitude to this board could be calm, neutral, interested or even excited only if you look at it from a distance. Once you get your hands on this solution and try working with it, then numerous problems and issues cause nothing but frustration. The mainboard is inhumanly severe, almost any settings change leads to CMOS clearing. The only possibility here is to leave everything at defaults, however, you shouldn’t expect the board to automatically pick the most optimal settings either. At this point, we really couldn’t figure out what they needed to come up with unique design, additional jumper sets and BIOS settings, if none of this actually works?

When the consumer buys something, he or she enters a sort of an agreement with the vendor: the consumer pays the money and gets a product with certain features in return. A lot of good things are being told about Foxconn ELA mainboard, but in its current condition it can barely become part of a fair deal like that. At this point it is simply a preview of what Foxconn can offer us. And hopefully they will, because the mainboard we had in our lab couldn’t reveal even its standard functionality to the full extent, not to mention the unique features everyone has been talking about.

Formally, Foxconn have a way of explaining all this. We got a sample from Foxconn themselves, and did not test a mass production product pulled from retail. So it could be that some of the problems we encountered are typical only of our particular sample and not for all Foxconn ELA mainboards. We hope that mass production boards are free from the drawbacks we pointed out in this article and that the users get excellent high-performance solutions with extended functionality.

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