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BIOS Setup

The board uses BIOS based on AMI microcode. The following screenshots will show you what all the major BIOS sections look like.




Let’s take a closer look at the modest configuring options offered by this BIOS Setup. I have to admit that the drawbacks are not just numerous, but overwhelming. First of all, there is no section that would combine all parameters related to overclocking and fine-tuning in one. “Advanced” section may mislead you by a sub-section called “Fox Control Center”. In reality, there is only one single parameter that allows increasing memory DIMM voltage. By the way, we noticed right away that the board didn’t support low-voltage memory modules, because it didn’t allow lowering the memory voltage setting.

The sub-section called “CPU Configuration” contains some information about the installed CPU and allows us to manage processor technologies.

In order to adjust the processor core voltage, its clock frequency multiplier and base clock, we have to go over to “Performance Tuning” sub-section and then to the “CPU Performance Tuning” page.

The memory frequency and four major memory timings can be adjusted in the “Chipset Performance Tuning” page.

Frankly speaking, the BIOS of Foxconn P67A-S mainboard is seriously inferior in its functionality even to the BIOS of Gigabyte GA-PH67A-UD3, which is based on Intel H67 Express and therefore has no overclocking abilities of any kind. There is no built-in utility for BIOS reflashing, no option that would allow you to save BIOS settings profiles. You can only increase two voltages, adjust only major memory timings and have no means of counteracting the voltage drop under heavy load. You can enable or disable connection between the processor fan and the CPU temperature, but there are no options that would allow you to adjust its rotation speed.

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