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Foxconn’s Proprietary Software

The only reason why we decided to resort to “FOX LiveUpdate” utility for Windows was the absence of any tools integrated into the BIOS. The updating procedure was supposed to go smoothly: all we had to do was to boot in DOS mode and launch flash.bat file. However, we were somewhat concerned about the Error.log file, which we found in the archive with the new BIOS version that we downloaded from the Foxconn web-site. The utility looks exactly the same as a few years ago:

Unfortunately, the program didn’t prove true to its name and couldn’t locate a new BIOS version by itself. Things weren’t so easy in the manual mode either: the utility simply didn’t see the new BIOS file, because it was looking for a file with “.ROM” extension, while it was supposed to look for a file with “.BIN” extension. However, even after that issue was resolved we still couldn’t complete the update, because we were supposed to switch the jumper disabling Intel Management Engine first. In my opinion, there were way too many complications for a routine BIOS reflashing procedure.

“FOX ONE” brand name utility also looks exactly like before. As far as I remember, we discussed its features and functionality a few years ago in our Foxconn A7DA 3.0 mainboard review.

It looks the same way, but the list of available functions has been significantly cut down since then. We can’t increase the processor clock multiplier or the frequency. The only thing we can actually change is the memory DIMM voltage. We can also disable automatic control of the processor fan rotation speed and use a fixed RPM value instead. And that’s about it. Plus this utility can also report if any of the parameters went beyond the acceptable value intervals and also change its appearance. To our great disappointment, it looks like this program is practically useless the way it is now.

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