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Package and Accessories

Foxconn X38A mainboard is shipped in a very thick cardboard box. The front of it is decorated with the logos of supported technologies and indicates that the board belongs to the Digital Life series:

The back of the box bears a more detailed description of the mainboard features:

Foxconn X38A box turned out so thick because it has a decorative exterior slip-on box on the outside that opens like a book. Through special cut-out windows in the external and internal packaging you can see different mainboard components. Therefore, the mainboard itself sits in a sturdy transparent plastic casing. All the bundled accessories are packed into an individual two-section box and include the following items:

  • Black FDD and IDE cables with Foxconn logo;
  • Six Serial ATA cables, each packed together with a power adapter for SATA devices;
  • Additional rear panel bracket with two USB and one IEEE1394 ports;
  • Fan for the chipset North Bridge heatsink;
  • I/O Shield;
  • Colorful poster with installation instructions;
  • User’s manual;
  • CD disk with drivers and utilities.

This is pretty nice bundle, but you can hardly surprise us with things like that these days :) It is not the quantity of accessories, but attention to little things that can help the manufacturer win the users’ hearts. Even if they included 16 SATA cables instead of six, we would still point it out impassively and move on. However, Foxconn X38A mainboard has a unique thing to boast: they included a replacement plastic plug for the S/PDIF Output port. It is a small thing indeed, but these plugs often get lost during transportation not to mention constant use of the port. BY paying a little bit more attention to the users’ needs the company scored another good point in favor of its X38A mainboard. Good thinking!

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