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BIOS Setup

Foxconn X38A mainboard uses BIOS based on AMI microcode, which looks very unusually:

It is not only a number of unknown options that it contains that make it look unusual. Even the most traditional BIOS parameters have new names now, are grouped differently and are distributed between different sections. For example, here is a list of subsections from the Advanced BIOS Features page:

As you can see, AHCI Configuration settings have been singled out into an individual section, just like MPS Configuration with only one single MPS Revision parameter on the entire page. And the strange OBD Configuration name actually stands for pretty common integrated controller settings.

There are also a few absolutely unfamiliar functions, for example, we have never heard anything about energy lakes in the BIOS before (Energy Lake Features):

That is why we have to admit that it is pretty hard to navigate around Foxconn X38A mainboard BIOS and you may need to go through a number of sections before you find what you actually need. However, we have no complaints about the most important section for overclocking fans that is called Fox Central Control Unit. It contains all settings and options that deal with adjustment of frequencies, voltages and timings:

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