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Mainboards manufactured by the same maker are usually very similar. Just look at their BIOS and you will se typical features of the particular manufacturer. However, Foxconn X38A stands out here. As frustrating as it is, but the board is unable to overclock processors. As you have already understood, our attempts to predict what mainboards we can expect from Foxconn in the near future turned out vain. Foxconn X38A mainboard is not even close to Foxconn Mars, and hopefully will not be close to the upcoming Foxconn BlackOps.

As for its indisputable advantages, we should certainly point out excellent PCB layout, good accessories bundle, broad functionality of the Intel X38 Express chipset it is based on and diverse additional onboard controllers adding even more to this functionality. As for the drawbacks, the BIOS settings are a little confusing and the rotation speed adjustment for fans with three-pin connectors doesn’t work. The overclocking-friendly options the BIOS offers are very good, but prove useless, so the cooling efficiency of the Cool Pipe chipset cooling system will never be an issue, especially since it works just fine in nominal mode.

In fact, the absence of BIOS updates is a good sign. It means that there are no serious bugs that need to be corrected, Foxconn X38A works perfectly fine and is stable in nominal mode, but as for overclocking, this is not the board to go for.

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