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Well, I am very glad to admit that I really like Gigabyte mainboards. The company worked really hard to get their boards as close to the best solutions out there and even to surpass them. Moreover, they do not stop at this and with every new mainboard generation we see new improvements and changes for the better.

During our test session we discovered a lot of advantages that distinguish this mainboard not only from its competitors, but also from its predecessors. Among them are the “smart” BIOS that will help during overclocking, but that can be disabled if necessary. We were definitely very pleased with EasyTune 6 utility with pleasant interface and acceptable functionality. Of course, we can’t disregard a few negative changes, such as the elimination of the board’s ability to control rotation speed of fans with a three-pin power connector. Another thing I didn’t really like that much was the fact that this board turned out not as simple to configure as I would expect an entry-level mainboards to be. And even though many of you may disagree with this opinion of mine that entry-level mainboards should be simple, it is the result that matters in the end. And the result is not that promising, unfortunately. Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3 failed to overclock a dual-core processors, though coped fine with quad-core CPU overclocking.

By the way, the flagship Gigabyte GA-EP45-DQ6 mainboard that we have in our lab also doesn’t do very well in overclocking stalling somewhere around 450MHz FSB. Is it just a coincidence or a tendency? Of course, it is a new platform and the BIOS versions are still quite raw, however, the latest available BIOS at the time of tests was version F6. So why did they claim that the board can work at 1200MHz FSB? Is it an attempt to mask the weak overclocking potential of the solution? Time will show…

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