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The last two articles on our web-site devoted to LGA1156 platform talked about ASRock P55 Deluxe and Biostar TPower I55. These were two completely different mainboards, each with its own peculiarities, advantages and drawbacks; however, they did have similarities between them. The first one is more of a virtual similarity than an actual one – both these boards are the top flagship solutions in the product lineup of each manufacturer. The second similarity is totally down-to-earth: it is the price. The recommended retail price of both these solutions is within $180-$185 range and in my opinion these numbers are way too high.

Price is a relative thing. It cannot be an advantage or a drawback, it cannot be good or bad, it is simply a number. If the features and functionality of the solution correspond to its price then it is a good thing, if not- it is not such a good thing. The same $100 price tag may be acceptable if we are talking about a desk or an office chair, for example, and totally ridiculous if we are talking about a toothpick priced at the same $100. We were supposed to be formally pleased with these prices because they are lower than what they ask for flagship Asus or Gigabyte solutions. However, there is one condition that is not met in this case: these two boards had to be exactly as good as those from Asus or Gigabyte, but cost less. This is the indisputable case when we will go for an ASRock or Biostar solution. But this is not the case here that is why their price is way too high.

Far not every use will go and buy a flagship mainboard. But if he or she is ready to spend a substantial sum of money, then the choice will most likely be with an Asus or Gigabyte product. If the user doesn’t feel like spending a lot on a mainboard, he or she won’t go for either of them: neither Gigabyte or Asus, nor ASRock or Biostar. Instead he will be looking for something even more affordable. In my opinion, a good mainboard should be price somewhere between $120 and $150, maximum $160. Of course, a 50-dollar mainboard can also serve you long and well, but there are no solutions for LGA1156 platform in this price range. Besides, you can hardly ever complain about anything related to a mainboard like that. Does it work? That’s all you need!

Today we are going to talk about a mainboard from Gigabyte – GA-P55-UD3R. It is priced at $140 MSRP, which means that it is within the desired price range. But how good it actually is? Can it meet our needs and expectations fully? Won’t it turn out having limited functionality and being priced too high for what it can offer? Or it has all the potential for successful competition against its more pricy rivals and is worth every penny? Our today’s review will answer all these questions for you.

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