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Gigabyte’s Software Bundle

Gigabyte offers a number of software tools to enhance its mainboards in various ways. Some of them were covered in our earlier reviews, such as the 3D Power utility which provides access to the namesake technology. It works correctly now, displaying BIOS parameters from the 3D Power Control page and allowing to adjust them directly from Windows.

The @BIOS utility has been almost the same for many years. It helps you download, save and update the mainboard’s firmware from Windows.

To select the operation mode of your disk subsystem, you should use a new tool called Disk Mode Switch.

One of the most important components of the software bundle is the multifunctional utility Easy Tune 6. Its first tab shows some information about the mainboard and CPU.

The next tab, Memory, reports the SPD information from the memory modules, including XMP profiles.

The Tuner tab is where you can enable automatic CPU overclocking or choose one of the three predefined overclock modes.

If you switch to the Advanced mode, you will be able to manually adjust frequencies, multipliers and voltages.

The Graphics tab was unavailable for us whereas the Smart tab is for manually setting up fan speeds depending on temperature.

The last tab, HW Monitor, allows you to enter permissible ranges for voltages, temperature and fan speeds.

As you can see, Easy Tune 6 does not offer any memory tweaking options. However, there is the new TweakLauncher tool which can change the base clock rate, CPU frequency multiplier, some voltages and, most importantly, memory timings.

This is not the full list of exclusive tools that come with Gigabyte mainboards. We can just name a couple more. The Cloud Station utility helps you control your desktop PC from a mobile gadget. DMI Viewer reports system information. On/Off Charge is not even an application but a driver that allows to quickly recharge a mobile device from a special USB port even when the computer is in standby. And last but not least, there is the simple but handy utility EZ Setup that helps you easily enable Intel’s Smart Response, Rapid Start and Smart Connect technologies.

The problem is that you have to change some BIOS settings, install appropriate software, and then set up that software in order to enjoy the mentioned technologies from Intel. EZ Setup simplifies the process by allowing you to specify which exactly technologies you need and click Setup and just wait. After a while and a system reboot, you’ll get everything up and running. You will still be able to set the technologies up just as you like, but the long installation procedure is limited to your simply clicking one button. A very helpful solution, especially for inexperienced users.

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