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Gigabyte’s Proprietary Software

From our previous reviews we are already well familiar with Gigabyte’s brand name utilities that come with their mainboards. “@BIOS” utility will help update the BIOS, “On/Off Charge” will help charge mobile devices, “Smart6” suite includes six different utilities. Unfortunately, the functioning of some utilities was negatively affected by the transition to AMI BIOS. For example, “Easy Tune6” utility now always displays the maximum possible CPU frequency, and not the actual one.

“Touch BIOS” also displays the processor and memory frequencies incorrectly.

The functionality of this program hasn’t really changed since we first discussed it in our reviews. The only difference we noticed today is that there appeared a new “L” button in the lower panel. It allows changing the interface language.

Besides a number of well-familiar utilities, there is a completely new one called “3D Power”. Once the program is launched, the 3D cube will persistently jump up and down the screen until you stop ot with the mouse pointer.

Now you can aim and shoot for one of the three visible cube sides. For example, the section called “Voltage” at the very top of the cube.

The “Frequency” section is on the left.

The “Phase” section is on the right.

It is clear that this utility allows you to use the same functionality as we have just seen in the new BIOS section called “3D Power Control”. In fact, “Touch BIOS” program was originally developed in order to allow changing the BIOS settings directly from Microsoft Windows. I think it could be more convenient to add new features to this program instead of writing a new one, because “Touch BIOS” utility still needs to be modified in order to adapt to the new UEFI BIOS.

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