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Packaging and Accessories

It is only flagship products that come in huge boxes while the GA-Z87X-OC is shipped in a standard box designed like the packaging of other LGA1150 mainboards from Gigabyte. Besides the name, the overclocking positioning of the model is indicated by the orange elements in its packaging design.

A brief specifications list can be found on the back of the box. There is also a picture of the mainboard there with its key features indicated as in the illustration below.

The mainboard is shipped with the following accessories:

  • Four SATA 6 Gbit/s cables with metallic locks (two cables with straight connectors and two cables with one straight and one L-shaped connector)
  • OC Brace for fastening expansion cards
  • I/O Shield
  • Flexible bridge to connect graphics cards in AMD CrossFireX mode
  • Flexible bridge to connect graphics cards in Nvidia SLI mode
  • 12 cables to measure voltages manually via a voltmeter
  • User manual
  • Installation guide
  • DVD with software and drivers
  • Gigabyte sticker for your computer case

We’ve seen most of these accessories with mainboards from Gigabyte as well as other brands, excepting the OC Brace. As we’ll see shortly, this mainboard is optimized for being used as an open testbed. The OC Brace is one of these optimizations. Installing a graphics card on an open testbed is not a problem usually as it sits tight in its slot. However, problems may arise when you have several cards or a card with liquid cooling system whose stiff pipes and massive heat-spreader may twist the card out of its slot. The OC Brace prevents that by ensuring strong connection. Using the included frame and screws, you attach the OC Brace to the mainboard opposite the expansion slots. Now you can fasten your expansion cards as securely as inside a computer case.

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