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Recently I’ve come across a forum discussion where people were arguing about a PC configuration. It didn’t matter what particular PC it was about and for what purposes it was assembled, I just remember the argument in favor of the mainboard choice. The author of the forum post bought an Intel mainboard because Intel was a famous brand. This sounded like a lame argument to me. If a company makes excellent TV-sets, it does not mean that its digital cameras are going to be just as excellent.

Although there can be numerous points of view as to what processors are better, I guess nobody will question the fact that Intel produces good processors. It is simpler with chipsets since all makers of alternative chipsets for Intel’s modern desktop CPUs have abandoned that business, leaving Intel the monopolist in this field. And it must be noted that Intel chipsets were generally very competitive even when there still were competitors. Since Intel produces good CPUs and good chipsets, it seems logical to assume that their mainboard should be good, too. It can be some kind of an example to follow for the rest of the mainboard makers. However, Intel mainboards are actually often inferior to their opponents in functionality, setup options and usability. So, while choosing an Intel CPU and an Intel chipset is a natural decision, things are not so clear with Intel mainboards. The brand alone does not work here.

That’s why it wouldn’t be wise to blindly buy any Intel mainboard you see. You should first check out its capabilities and compare it with other products. And we, at X-bit labs, are ready to help you with test data for you to make your comparison and well-judged shopping choice. As you have already guessed, this review is about an Intel mainboard. It is called DH55TC. This microATX mainboard is based on the Intel H55 Express chipset and is designed for LGA1156 processors.

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