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Individual benefits that Intel DP55KG mainboard offered us during our test session got totally overshadowed by numerous small inconveniences and drawbacks. The most positive impression was definitely left by the fun skull that blinks eyes in accordance with the HDD activity. We could also give Intel DP55KG due credit for adequate cooling system without any extra heatsinks and heatpipes. We were also pleased with partially restructured BIOS, detailed settings in the “Boot” section, very well explained memory modules installation principles and a special guide for system configuring. I would consider the integrated Bluetooth controller more of a drawback than advantage, because it actually cost us two USB ports. One of them is occupied by the controller, while the internal port is really hard to work with, but as for the Bluetooth, anyone can go and buy a separate Bluetooth controller as a dongle, for instance.

I believe I didn’t leave out any of the advantages, but as for the drawbacks, I wouldn’t insist on continuing the list at this point. Among them are: not the best mainboard layout, inconvenient BIOS structure with annoying color scheme, errors in guides and manuals, insufficient processor overclocking… Most of the drawbacks are really small ones, but they are quite numerous. Besides, all these problems are overshadowed by a very serious BIOS error that can make the board’s power consumption horrendously high. I am pretty sure that they will soon fix it, but Intel developers still have to work really hard before their mainboards become user-friendly and easy to work with, start setting a real example to other manufacturers. “Kingsberg” – the codename of this solution – translates as “king of the hill”. Unfortunately, this mainboard is not yet that good, but it certainly has potential.

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