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We have been comparing Intel DP55WG against its elder sister all the time throughout this review, since they have so much in common. However, you don’t have to go for a top flagship mainboard in order to build a fully-functional LGA1156 platform. In this respect it makes more sense to compare Intel DP55WG against Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3R. These two solutions are priced similarly, but have dramatically different features: two manufacturers have chosen completely different ways of lowering the cost of their end-product.

Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3R is a very common mainboard, without any specific distinguishing features. It has a complete set of connectors, starting with the outdated COM, LPT and FDD, including still current PS/2 and IDE, and finishing with quite contemporary eSATA and S/PDIF. How did they lower its price? By offering no support for Nvidia SLI, eliminating the IEEE1394 (FireWire) controller and other additional chips, such as a second integrated network adapter, for instance. As for Intel DP55WG, it got cheaper due to simpler processor voltage regulator circuitry, simpler cooling, partial use of solid-state capacitors, elimination of a controller for additional Serial ATA ports. Moreover, the use of Intel’s unified design also allows lowering the price point, although the use of a microATX form-factor as a basis does have negative implications. However, Intel DP55WG does support Nvidia SLI and has an additional IEEE1394 (FireWire) controller. As for the “obsolete” interfaces, they are still not there anyway.

So, which board should you go for - Intel DP55WG or Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3R? It is impossible to give a definite answer to this question, as these two solutions are so different from one another, that is why everything will depend on your personal needs and preferences. If you are planning on using Nvidia SLI configurations and need IEEE1394 (FireWire) interface to connect a video camcorder to your PC, for instance, then Intel DP55WG will be a good choice. In all other cases, Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3R will be a better bet. It is simpler, easier to work with, overclocks processors a little better and has much richer functionality. However, these are not the only two choices you have, other mainboard makers also offer quite a few interesting solutions in the same price range. As always, the final decision is in your hands :)

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