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Only the person who has spent a few dozen years in spoor may not know anything about Intel processors. The chipsets they make for their own processors are not any less popular either. You may believe that Intel mainboards based on Intel chipsets designed for Intel processors should be a work of art. However, this is not quite true and although we have always paid a lot of attention to Intel CPUs and chipsets, we kind of left out their own mainboards for a while, despite their gigantic production volumes.

There is nothing too tricky about it. The answer is very simple: Intel mainboards have nothing really interesting about themselves. They serve their purpose of proving stable system operation perfectly well, but that’s about it. BIOS has not advanced system configuring options, almost all settings are adjusted automatically depending on the processor and memory modules installed. In fact, we could put up with absent overclocking friendly features if these boards were priced low enough. However, this is not the case: Intel mainboards are often even more expensive than the similar solutions from other mainboard makers.

So, it is quite understandable why overclocking fans and computer enthusiasts are not very excited about Intel branded mainboards. In fact, it used to be quite understandable, but now the situation is changing. For example, we started to see very decent results of successful processor overclocking on Intel D975XBX mainboard also known as BadAxe, and then on its updated version called BadAxe 2. Despite our amazement it was an indisputable fact: Intel mainboards finally allowed impressive CPU overclocking experience!

Well, we cannot let the shroud of prejudice hide a really interesting product from us. So our today’s article will be devoted to a new flagship mainboard from Intel – Intel DX38BT featuring advanced overclocking friendly features and designed to satisfy overclockers’ needs.

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