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In the beginning of this article I spoke very highly of the third-party software bundled with Intel DX48BT2 mainboard and not very enthusiastically of the brand name Intel utilities. I have already dealt with them when I tested Intel DX38BT mainboard and they made not the best impression. Non-overclocker mainboards without the corresponding options in the BIOS can use software overclocking tools. In our case the BIOS functionality is all there, however, the results turned out quite unsatisfactory, so we had to give Intel Desktop Control Center a chance. Besides, they did a lot of work on the latest BIOS version 1554 of Intel DX48BT2 mainboard that was connected with this particular program. And since Intel DX48BT2 mainboard doesn’t support a compact an very convenient HWMonitor utility that I normally use for voltage, temperature and fan rotation speed monitoring, I will have to use Intel Desktop Utilities.

The list of tools bundled with Intel DX48BT2 mainboard includes Intel Desktop Utilities, however, I didn’t find it on the DVD disk that came with the board. They also listed Intel Desktop Control center, however, it is initially marked as “Internet Download”, so it shouldn’t actually be there. It is not a problem, it makes much more sense to download the latest version of this tool anyway. So, I went to Intel’s web-site and discovered drastic changes there, too.

During our tests of Intel DX38BT mainboard, I tried downloading the latest versions o these tools as well. The first one on the list was Intel Desktop Utilities, and as for Intel Desktop Control Center, I could only find it using web-site search function. Now the situation is completely the opposite: first they offer you to download Intel Desktop Control Center, while Intel Desktop Utilities disappeared from the list of compatible programs. The same is true for Intel DX38BT and for Intel DX48BT2. However, in reality the changes were not really dramatic, but pretty superficial – both programs were exactly the same versions: Intel Desktop Control Center dated back to last November, while Intel Desktop Utilities – to last July.

First we install Intel Desktop Control center and reboot the system. However, the first program launch failed:

Maybe we should install Intel Desktop Utilities before starting? We launch the installation file and se that the program doesn’t yet meet Windows Vista security requirements:

We again agree to restart the system and try launching Intel Desktop Control Center. Before that we make sure that the Intel PerfTune service is up and running, while last time the utility claimed it wasn’t.

“Error while loading the application” – was the answer we got from Intel Desktop Control Center. No explanations followed.

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