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We gave up at this point. For your reference I would like to once again show you the screenshot taken during the tests of Intel DX38BT mainboard. Check out the full-size image: you will be shocked with the actual size of the application window:

The round indicator on the left reports the current CPU frequency and utilization. On the right-hand side you can see the same precise data on the bus frequencies and memory timings, although the voltages aren’t reported correctly, and there are simply no temperature readings. We can’t rally complain about any missing data, as the utility is still in its beta version and they make sure you know it.

However, Intel Desktop Utilities turned out quite operational despite the missing official support. You can use this program to monitor major system parameters as well as for general info. The first window reports the main system info:

The corresponding sub-sections contain details on the system mainboard, CPU, memory and cache-memory, network card and hard drives.

Hardware Monitor section provides the same general info on the system temperatures, fan rotation speeds, voltages and HDD status.

The corresponding sub-sections contain more details on the CPU:



current hard disk drives status:

Options page allows selecting the thermal diodes to monitor, setting the acceptable parameter intervals, so that the warnings could be sent out once you get beyond them. You can check the event log, change the temperature measuring units.

It is a pretty bulky tool, too. It launches upon Windows boot-up and cannot be closed and removed from memory that easily: you can only delete it completely. However, since there are no alternatives available, you will have to put up with that, too.

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