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I don’t think I have to explain why my overall impression from Intel DX48BT2 turned out not that favorable. However, emotions aside, the mainboard is not bad at all. I have to admit that I am mostly frustrated because of the faulty BIOS version 1521. The mainboard behaved as it wished: could boot or hang, could reset the parameters to defaults or loop on system restart, while you sit there waiting what your next CPU overclocking attempt will end up with. However, the new BIOS version didn’t have any of these issues, so you shouldn’t worry about them.

If we sum up everything from the very beginning, we will see that almost all the complaints had to do with the mainboard BIOS. Not even the actual BIOS functions but mostly convenience of their use. Intel DX48BT2 mainboard features very decent accessories bundle with a bonus fan retention frame, it has good PCB layout and excellent functionality. Of course, it can be sad to give up a favorite PS/2 keyboard, but it is not that big of a problem that can make you turn your back to Intel DX48BT2.

As for the BIOS that proved pretty inconvenient for overclocking needs, don’t take this mainboard to be an overclocker product (since we failed to overclock the CPU on it anyway) and it will be simply perfect. It is a good Intel mainboard, although it is not really meant for you. It is targeted for system integrators and specialists. The Security options in the BIOS are way too sophisticated for home use, although they will be very handy for corporate customers who never needed any overclocking functionality in the first place.

Pretty strange. Second mainboard from Intel with overclocking functionality that wasn’t really put to good use. Maybe we have “faulty” CPUs? I supposed that maybe Intel DX38BT mainboard was designed for new 45nm processors, while I checked it out with old 65nm ones and that was the reason I failed. However, the situation repeated again with Intel DX48BT2 mainboard and new CPUs… Could it be me then? Possible, but so far I didn’t have any problems with other manufacturers’ mainboards. So, maybe it is still Intel boards that are t blame here?

You can’t make a good overclocker mainboard right away. Is it the third Intel mainboard with overclocking functions or the fifth one? So what do you expect? Despite tremendous experience, Intel is still a newbie in overclocking. In order to make a really good overclocker mainboard, one has to become an overclocker, to see the world as one. Give them some time and maybe one day we see a great overclocker solution from Intel. However, maybe we never will, because Intel’s priority is corporate mainboards for system integrators and specialists, while overclocker board is more a matter of prestige and PR.

In conclusion I have to say that in my opinion Intel is much more successful with processors and chipsets than mainboards and software. I sincerely hope that it is only a conclusion to this review and that one day we will see great overclocker mainboards from Intel and convenient brand name utilities and tools.

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