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Package and Accessories

Intel DX48BT2 mainboard is shipped in a box with strict corporate design:

The front f the package contains only the main info on the product inside, while the back of the box bears detailed description of the mainboard’s features illustrated with a photo. There is also a list of bundled accessories and software:

A significant area on the back of the box is given to a warning message in multiple languages saying that this mainboard needs to be installed by a professional. You would normally disregard things like that, but in this case it is really important. This phrase describes Intel DX48BT2 very well, and later in this article we will understand why.

We have recently posted a review of a budget abit IP35P mainboard. Intel DX48BT2 belongs to a completely opposite group of top flagship solutions. However, both mainboards have a very similar list of bundled accessories. Moreover, the accessories bundle of a budget abit mainboard is even bigger. Intel solution comes only with one round IDE cable, one Serial ATA cable and I/O Shield for the case rear panel.

We have decided a while ago that small accessories bundle will not be regarded as a drawback. However, in this case we were considering only mainstream and budget solutions, where even a small price difference may determine the buying decision. Well, let’s consider this a drawback, however, it could be because we received a press review sample and didn’t buy it in a store with the full bundle enclosed. However, the difference wouldn’t have been dramatic: Intel DX48BT2 mainboard should be retailed with only three additional SATA cables and a 4-pin→8-pin ATX12V adapter.

Besides, the cables, Intel DX48BT2 box also contained two strange plastic pieces. Later on, one of them turned out very useful, while the other – very harmful.

The chipset North Bridge on Intel DX48BT2 mainboard is cooled with a massive heatsink without any active cooling.

By the way, we are very pleased with Intel’s thoroughness when it comes to chipset cooling retention. Here you will not see weak plastic spring-spindles like on many contemporary mainboards. The heatsink is locked with a massive steel bracket to a plastic frame that is attached very securely to the PCB with a backpate and four screws.

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