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BIOS Setup

There are a few ways to update the BIOS on Intel mainboards. You can do it manually with Iflash utility and any available boot-up device: FDD, USB Flash, CD-ROM. But we didn’t feel like typing anything in manually… Linux users should better update the BIOS with a CD ISO-image. In this case, you don’t need to type anything, the system will launch the script and reflash the BIOS, however, we didn’t feel like working on a CD-image, too… You can even use an automatic BIOS restore feature, but the board wouldn’t start in this mode: I guess I had to “kill” the existing BIOS first, so that this mode were operational.

The easiest way is to reflash the BIOS from Windows. Unlike other manufacturers’ mainboards, where the BIOS is indeed reflashed in Windows OS, this method is relatively safe:

You launch the installation file, agree with the licensing terms and conditions. After that the system restarts, reflashes the BIOS and boots Windows, where you get the success confirmation. Simple, convenient and fast. We used this particular method to update the BIOS to the latest version 1521 at the time of the tests.

You enter the BIOS by pressing F2 and get to the Main section that contains major system info:

As a rule, we would go through the BIOS menu items leaving out all secondary sections, which functions you can guess from their names. However, the section names in the BIOS Setup of Intel mainboards turned out pretty confusing, so we decided dwell on them this time.

The next section after Main is called Advanced and has a number of sub-sections with different system settings:

For example, what do you think can Boot Configuration page of the Advanced section contain? Myabe you were smart enough to have guessed correctly, but I could never imagine that it will offer me fan management settings:

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