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Power Consumption

We performed our power consumption measurements using an Extech Power Analyzer 380803. This device is connected before the PSU and measures the power draw of the entire system (without the monitor), including the power loss that occurs in the PSU itself. In the idle mode we start the system up and wait until it stops accessing the hard disk. Then we use LinX to load the Intel Core i7-930 CPU. For a more illustrative picture there are graphs that show how the computer’s power consumption grows up depending on the number of active execution threads in LinX (both at the default and overclocked system settings). We performed the test in four modes: idle mode, single-thread load, four-thread and eight-thread load. The mainboards are sorted in alphabetical order on the diagrams.

Intel mainboard turns to be economical, especially in idle mode. This is important because our computers work in power-saving modes most of the time, so this can eventually lead to large savings in electricity. We have recently raved about MSI XPower mainboard being highly economical in its nominal operation mode. We wrote then that we expected mainboards from other makers to get as energy-efficient as the MSI board soon enough. And now, Intel DX58SO2 is really as energy-efficient as the MSI XPower but the latter has some problems with overclocking which do not occur with the DX58SO2.

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