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During our today’s review we pointed out a number of shortcomings that Intel DZ77BH-55K mainboard has, but we do not want you to have a negative feeling about this product. In fact, this is a very good board, though there is a always something to counter-balance all of its indisputable advantages.

The mainboard’s accessories bundle doesn’t have any unnecessary extras, so its price remains attractively low, but still the accessories are kinds of scanty. It has very convenient layout except not the best location they chose for the internal USB 3.0 pin-connector. The board supports two BIOS modes, and the new Visual BIOS is indeed great, but both these modes share common issues: they do not allow adjusting individual memory settings and have very large core voltage increment, unacceptable for contemporary processors. Moreover, each BIOS mode also has its own unique problems in the way the settings profiles are handled. The board overclocked the CPU pretty well, but we had problems with increasing the memory frequency. We could recommend this board for us in nominal mode, but its performance is not high enough, mostly in graphics applications. Even the only seemingly indisputable advantage, superb energy-efficiency in any work modes, can be argued, because the board’s voltage regulator dynamic phase adjustment technology doesn’t work. As a result, the board seems to be pretty good in many aspects, but at the same time not quite good enough. Paradox indeed…

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