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Packaging, Accessories and New Intel Web-Site Features

We usually start our mainboard reviews with the discussion of packaging and bundled accessories. However, Intel DZ77BH-55K arrived to us without the retail box that is why we will borrow the photo from the official Intel web-site. And while we are there, we would also like to highlight some of the most prominent changes that have been made to the web-site recently.

At first glance the mainboard product page looks exactly the same as before. There is a brief description of the mainboard features on the left, the mainboard and package photos in the center (the photos cannot be enlarged). The menu with links is on the right and the detailed technical specifications are all listed at the bottom of the page. In fact, all innovations have been implemented in the menu on the right. For example, all mainboard makers have high-resolution product images on their web-sites to allow potential customers to check them out beforehand. Intel hasn’t done anything like that and only provided us with a small mainboard photo where you can’t really see any details. Now, however, they have a special “360° view” link in the menu, which leads to a separate page with a detailed 3D image of the board. You can rotate the image with your mouse pointer and this way check out all the tiniest details. No other mainboard maker currently offers anything like that on their web-site. It seems to be a much more convenient way of checking out the mainboard than the traditional photographs from several different angles.

If you are interested in one of the mainboard components or are not quite sure what its function is, then you need to check out the “Interactive layout” page. It is much more convenient than the components layout from the user manual, because by rolling the mouse pointer over any of the numbers on the layout you will immediately get brief essentials about the specific mainboard component.

Moreover, now you don’t need to look for the list of bundled accessories all over the Intel web-site, because they now have a very useful “What’s in the box” link, which will lead you to a page with all the accessories, which images you can magnify by rolling the mouse pointer over. This page told us that our specific sample arrived with almost the entire bundle in place, even though the retail box was missing. The board should officially be bundled with two Serial ATA cables with straight metal connector locks (our sample came with four cables like that). There is also a hard bridge for 2-way Nvidia SLI configurations, I/O Shield for the back panel, Integration Guide – a colorful poster with brief assembly and installation instructions, Configuration Label – a informational connector layout to be stuck to the inside of the system case, and a DVD disk with drivers and software.

The only thing missing from our bundle was the Attention Flyer – a small note reminding us that this board supports LGA 1155 processors, Intel Smart Response and Lucid Virtu technologies, and that the BIOS updates and new drivers may also be downloaded.

I have to admit that Intel is finally becoming much user-friendly, and remarkably, the approach and tools they use to achieve this are much more advanced than what other mainboard makers have to offer at this time.

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