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We started our tests of the Z77-based mainboard from ASUS by trying to overclock it. Although there are no real reasons for that, some users hope that the Z77 is better for overclocking than its predecessor.

Well, we have to disappoint them. Everything we wrote about overclocking Z68-based mainboards applies to the new chipset. The base clock rate of our P8Z77-V Deluxe could only be increased by 6 MHz.

If the clock rate is set higher, the mainboard refuses to start up. So, you have to tweak the CPU multiplier, just as before, to get better overclocking results.

We used our K series Core i5-2500K processor but found no differences from Z68-based mainboards in terms of overclocking. We reached the same clock rate of 4.7 GHz after increasing the CPU voltage by 0.125 volts.

Summing it up, the Z77 chipset doesn’t seem to be better for overclocking than its predecessor. Its advantages should be looked for elsewhere.

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