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Other Applications

We are going to talk about the performance of our today’s testing participants in a few popular applications and benchmarks:

In this case we have great proof that an Intel based solution will work faster in applications where graphics performance is not crucial. However, as soon as we get to 3D performance, things turn to completely the opposite. Therefore, it would be extremely interesting to check out GeForce 9300 performance in games. Was the sacrifice of the memory performance for the sake of higher GPU speed worth it? It is a really good question if Zotac GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi based system can provide acceptable 3D gaming performance. I would like to remind you that Nvidia ION platform using a more powerful GeForce 9400 chipset wasn’t fast enough in contemporary games.

3DMark06, 3DMark Vantage

First of all let’s check out the results obtained in synthetic Futuremark 3DMark benchmarks:

Well, we haven’t expected anything else here. The advantage of the GPU integrated into Nvidia chipset is beyond all doubts, even if you just look at its formal specifications. The results of those tests where graphics core performance is crucial are a perfect illustration to the theoretical numbers.

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