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Personal computers have been out there for dozens of years, however, we always see the same blue-white screen of the Base Input/Output System (BIOS) on system boot-up. The commencing PC users usually get lost in the numerous strange settings. Even an experienced sysadmin may not always explain what this or that parameter actually stands for. Therefore, it is natural that many developers out there have already been thinking of ways to simplify and ease the first-time system configuration process. Intel Corporation set the precedent, as always. Besides, the 64-bit Itanium processors developed at that time had to be incompatible with the previous-generation of 32-bit CPUs, so why not replace the outdated BIOS with something more contemporary and more convenient to work with? This is ho EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) came into this world.

They started working on it back in the 90s. In early 2000 they talked a lot about this innovation at the Intel Developer Forum and showcased first systems run by EFI. And then things got real quiet. In fact, there are a lot of examples of how numerous useful innovations do not get the support from the community and sink into oblivion, even if the initiative comes from such a significant company as Intel. So, I doubt that we would have remembered about EFI if it hadn’t been for MSI. They announced that their three new mainboards on Intel P45 Express chipset will support MSI Click BIOS based on UEFI specifications. It turned out that Unified EFI Forum (UEFI) has taken over Intel’s development, so its name eventually changed.

We have already tested MSI P45 Platinum mainboard, but at that time, it didn’t yet support Click BIOS. Now we decided to get it back to the test lab in order to check out the new functionality.

Since no one knows how UEFI BIOS should actually look like, let’s imagine what we would expect from a BIOS like that. It would be nice to have this BIOS not only in English but also in your own native language with explanations for all the parameters in it. We would definitely want to be able to use not only keyboard but also the mouse. We wish it were not blue and white, or yellow and black but beautiful. It should have a number of useful utilities available without loading the bulky operating system. And of course, it should have the functionality of the “traditional” BIOS plus a few cool extras.

I may have forgotten something very important here, so, please feel free to add in the comments section to this article. And in the meanwhile let’s check out what the UEFI BIOS is like in the form of MSI Click BIOS.

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