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The connectors panel of the mainboard deserves a closer look:

Pay attention to the number of USB ports! If I am not mistaken, you can only see six USB connectors at the back panel of MSI mainboards, particularly of the MSI 875P Neo (see our Review of MSI 875P Neo-FIS2R Mainboard on i875P Chipset). This is quite reasonable since there appear ever more USB-compliant devices. At least, six USB ports don’t seem to be an unnecessary luxury anymore. Besides these six, the mainboard supports two more – outputted via a back panel bracket. Thus, you are free to employ all the eight USB ports supported by the South Bridge (VT8237).

According to the plan of any our mainboard reviews, I am now supposed to go over to the accessories. When trying to reach those accessories and the mainboard, I faced a very unexpected problem. The package of the KT6 Delta is designed like a matchbox. And the box is also parceled into thin cardboard:

It could be all right, but the external cardboard turned to be so tightly sitting that I had to work really hard to get the box out of it. Without a jot of exaggeration I can confess that I spent over half an hour opening the thing. I don’t know whether this is a persistent problem, or I was just unlucky to get a too tight package. Anyway, you should better be prepared for this. As for positive moments, the package has a handy handle to carry it around.

Now, to the accessories. Along with the mainboard you also receive:

  • D-Bracket with two USB ports and four diagnostic LEDs (D-LED);
  • S-Bracket with coaxial S/PDIF in- and outputs and two mini-jacks for the central and rear audio channels;
  • FireWire bracket;
  • Four Serial ATA cables (one for each onboard connector). Somehow, they are colored orange, not MSI’s corporate red;
  • CD with drivers and utilities;
  • User’s manual and RAID manual;
  • Sticker with MSI’s logo. :)

There is nothing really remarkable about the accessories, but nothing seems to be forgotten. The D-Bracket looks quite useful because of its diagnostic LEDs. My only gripe was about the IDE and FDD cables that are thin (that is, “aerodynamic”), but are too slipshop-looking. I think MSI had better put ordinary flat cables into the box. By the way, the MSI website promises every KT6 Delta-FIS2R to come with round red-colored cables, which look much better. Compare youselves:

However, we didn’t get those beautiful cables with our mainboard. At least, MSI didn’t send them to us. The mainboards sold in the shops should have them.

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