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Having run the benchmarks, I saw the results and got suspicious. The MSI K6 Delta might have had the FSB overclocked. This could have given it the performance boost. Well, I ran WCPUID and saw:

Yeah, the frequency is really set a bit high, but those extra 0.45MHz (0.225% from 200MHz) could hardly provide that superiority. So, the MSI mainboard is really faster than the one from ASUS on the same chipset.


The MSI KT6 Delta was the second KT600-based mainboard to go through the tests in our labs. It definitely left a better overall impression than the first mainboard from ASUS, mainly due to higher performance and lack of that “unfinished product” feeling the ASUS mainboard had. Of course, MSI KT6 Delta-FISR2 mainboard is worth your attention if you are looking for a solution on this VIA chipset. However, it still has a few drawbacks, which you should be aware of.


  • Rich RAID capabilities, particularly RAID 0+1;
  • No problems with the BIOS;
  • D-LED diagnostics;
  • Good PCB design;
  • Six USB ports at the back panel.


  • Non-functional at Vcore over 1.85V;
  • Half-functional CoreCell technology;
  • “Strange” aerodynamic cables;
  • Rather high price (starting at $130, according to PriceWatch).

Thus, my resume is simple. The MSI KT6 Delta mainboard in its FIS2R version will suit you if you prefer mainboards equipped with every modern interface and having no problems with frequencies and voltages around the nominal. And if you are not too much into money-saving.

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