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MSI P45 Platinum mainboard makes a very good first impression. It boasts excellent technical specifications and the futuristic chipset cooler is a true work of art. The board boasts a number of unique features such as the power-saving technologies that can work without any special utilities and even during CPU overclocking. Later on it should acquire even more unique functions. Namely, in the fall they should release ClickBIOS for this board that will use UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) principles, i.e. a BIOS with graphics interface.

However, the mainboard’s overclocking potential is not that impressive. We can’t say that this board is no good for overclockers, it can in fact overclock CPUs to pretty high speeds, although you’d better give us low-frequency processor models in this case. So far the board proved functional only at FSB frequencies below 450MHz.

The good news is that processors nominal frequencies keep growing and their prices keep dropping. Even today you can find a lot of models that will overclock to their maximum on MSI P45 Platinum mainboard and tomorrow there will be even more CPUs like that available.

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