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BIOS Setup

MSI P45 Platinum uses BIOS based on the code from American Megatrends, Inc. v02.61. However, we can’t say that we are familiar with all its features. There are quite a few new interesting functions there worth discussing.

You may think that there is hardly anything unique about the very first section called Standard CMOS Features, because it normally contains basic info about the current date, time and storage devices:

However, it is for the first time that the Floppy Drive A is “Not Installed” by default. It is actually a very smart decision, because most contemporary computers do not have the FDD any more and I personally am very tired of constantly disabling the useless controller on each new mainboard and after each BIOS update.

System Information section contains basic info about the system CPU, memory and the current BIOS version:

There is nothing new in the Advanced BIOS Features section, the list of available parameters is pretty common:

However, please keep in mind that there are a few processor related options in this section. Moreover, the power-saving technologies support is disabled by default.

Integrated Peripherals section also has nothing new to offer…

… just like the Power Management Setup section:

H/W Monitor section has pretty standard set of options, too. We can adjust the rotation speed of three fans out of six that can be connected to the board. The CPU fan rotation speed will only be adjustable if it is connected to a four-pin connector. Besides, we can monitor basic temperatures, fan rotation speeds and voltages.

The next section is called GreenPower and it is the first time we come across it. as you may have already guessed from the name, there are options for adjusting the power-saving technologies. We have come across similar functions on ASUS and Gigabyte mainboards, however, MSI mainboards boast a unique option. They allow enabling workload dependent dynamic switching of active phases in the processor, memory and chipset North Bridge voltage regulators right from the BIOS and not through any additional utilities.

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