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MSI Control Center

MSI mainboard used to come with a few utilities that allowed to control various system parameters, overclock and use exclusive power-saving technologies. Now all these features are combined in a single Control Center that has three sections: System Information, Overclocking and Green Power.

The start screen tells you about the mainboard and CPU.

For each memory module you can get the SPD info. The utility even managed to find an XMP profile our memory modules never had.

The Overclocking section is where you can view and change system parameters. There are three preset profiles: Cooling, Cinema and Game.

Then you can check out the memory timings.

The animated OC Genie page shows visually how simple it is to overclock your computer using the OC Genie feature. Just press a button to speed up your CPU. We’ll surely try this.

The page with BIOS profiles is our favorite as, besides a name and description, it gives you a lot of details about the parameters set in each specific profile.

In the Green Power section you can see how much power you have saved and choose one of the available power-saving profiles.

Then you can set up some parameters manually.

You can also turn off the highlighting if you’ve forgotten to do that in the BIOS.

Unfortunately, the Control Center utility is good in the screenshots, but not in practice. It is highly unstable, producing errors even when you do such innocuous actions as opening or closing its window.

We could see all sorts of such errors popping up all the time.

Another problem with the Control Center tool is that its information is inaccurate when it comes to such important parameters as voltages. We have no use for a program we can’t trust.

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