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We described the capabilities of the new Click BIOS in our MSI P67A-GD80 (B3) review. The Z68A-GD80 (B3) isn‘t much different in this respect, so we’ll just give you the basic facts here:

First off, the Click BIOS is most conveniently available in as many as 15 languages.

The first section is called Green Power. It's about power-saving technologies mostly, but you can also check out the current values of the key voltages here.

In the Utilities section you can check system memory for errors, look for BIOS updates on the Internet, save a backup copy of data or change the startup picture. The memory test and the Boot Screen utility are integrated into the BIOS whereas the Live Update and the HDD Backup tools require that the included DVD with software be in your optical drive.

The Overclocking section contains the largest share of setup options. Every overclocking and fine-tuning setting can be found here together with a number of informational parameters that tell you the current status of the system.

To make this section easier to navigate, some options occupy individual pages. Particularly, memory timings have a page of their own. The timings can be identical or different for each of the two memory channels.

The mainboard can remember six profiles with full BIOS settings but it's not easy to see which profiles are in use already.

Otherwise, they are easy to deal with. The creation date and time and the BIOS version that the profile refers to are saved automatically. You can manually give a descriptive name to a profile or delete it.

CPU Specifications and Memory-Z are informational subsections. The former reports you the basic facts about your CPU.

You can delve even deeper and get a list of technologies supported by the CPU.

The Memory-Z subsection is designed in a similar way. When you enter it, you see the information written into the SPD unit of your memory modules. These settings are used by the mainboard by default.

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