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The real capabilities of memory modules are reflected in the X.M.P. profile and you can view it as well.

The CPU Features subsection gives you control over the CPU frequency multiplier and CPU-related technologies. This important subsection goes last, but you can easily access it since the menu of the Overclocking section is looped. You don’t have to press the Arrow Down button to reach the options and subsections that go last. You can just press the Arrow Up button to get there.

The Overclocking section is followed by Games in the main menu. You can play three casual games there. The rest of the Click BIOS capabilities can be found in the Settings section.

The System Status subsection is in fact the startup screen we used to see when entering the old-style BIOS.

The Advanced options have also been transferred intact from the old-style BIOS.

The single notable difference of the MSI Z68A-GD80 (B3) from its cousin is the Integrated Graphics Devices section where you can adjust the parameters of the CPU-integrated graphics core.

The Hardware Monitor page allows you to enable automatic regulation of the speed of the CPU fan and fix the speed of the system fans at 50, 75 or 100%. No voltages are shown here, which is not a problem. This page is anyway rather hard to access while the voltages can be monitored in the Green Power and Overclocking sections.

The M-Flash section has become simpler and easier to use although its options haven't changed since the old-style BIOS. You can boot from a BIOS image stored on a flash drive, save the current BIOS into a file or update the BIOS.

The Security section is where you can set up passwords to limit access to your system, like on many other mainboards. MSI also offers the opportunity to use an ordinary flash drive as a key to accessing your computer.

The Boot section is for specifying the boot device order.

The purpose of the Save & Exit section is quite evident without our comments.

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