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MSI Z77 MPOWER mainboard boasts numerous advantages. Some are typical of Micro-Star’s mainboards in general, such as high-quality electronic components, for example. Some belong to this specific mainboard model, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, for example. However, these advantages become secondary once you face multiple challenges this model has in stock for you. Yes, everything may happen: the model may turn out not so balanced, or we are plain unlucky with our specific sample. However, unfortunately, this is none of the above, because we have been pointing out the same exact things over and over again in our reviews.

You may see a slogan on the mainboard packaging and in the startup screen saying “Chang The Game Of Overclocking”. Yes, we understand what the idea was. The pre-sale quality check should have changed the standard situation when overclocking success is random and unpredictable. “OC Certified” seal should have guaranteed the board’s ability to overclock, but in reality nothing has changed. The mainboard still doesn’t support Vcore adjustment in Offset mode, which forces us to put up with lower overclocking results, in order to have an optimal and balanced overclocked system with all power-saving technologies up and running. The additional quality control step didn’t save us from any of the existing challenges with MSI mainboards.

In my opinion, the companies chose the wrong approach to improving their mainboards. Only Micro-Star knows how many MSI Z77 MPOWER mainboard fail the stress test, but I am certain that this number is minimal. In fact, we have never had any problems with the way they built their mainboards. On the contrary, MSI mainboards were often the ones where we would see new technologies, features and chips. We also have no complaints about the existing quality control system: all mainboards are always made very neatly and thoroughly. So, adding another quality control check before the mainboard is shipped off to the consumers may theoretically lower the already low number of defective units by a fraction of a percent, but hardly more than that. The root of the problem is completely different. The boards are of excellent quality, but they do not work well. Any impeccable mainboard is simply a well-balanced and organized cocktail of silicon, plastic and metal, and only software support from the BIOS can turn it into a quality product, which is exactly where MSI need to concentrate their efforts. Maybe what it takes is a new MSI Click BIOS III or maybe even IV, where they address all the reoccurring concerns and issues…

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