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MSI Proprietary Software

We’ve covered MSI’s exclusive software for mainboards in our earlier articles. The last time it was the MSI FM2-A85XA-G65 review. The versions of software utilities bundled with MSI’s gaming products only differ in their special red-and-black color scheme, so we’ll just give you a brief description of each here.

The start screen of the MSI Control Center utility reports information about the mainboard, CPU and memory. When you click More, you get more details about those components. In the bottom part of the window you can adjust multipliers, frequencies and voltages, i.e. overclock. The OC Genie tab reminds you that you can automatically overclock your system using the OC Genie technology. The Green Power section helps regulate one CPU and two system fans. The LED tab is for turning off the mainboard’s highlighting while the Record tab allows to select parameters you’re interested in and watch them change over time. You can specify thresholds so that the utility warned you each time a parameter goes out of the specified range. The Mobile Control section can be used to control your computer from a smartphone. To enable this feature, you should first install an appropriate app on your mobile gadget and add Wi-Fi to your computer.

MSI Click BIOS II is not only the name of MSI’s BIOS Setup but also the utility which duplicates the BIOS interface and allows changing BIOS settings right from Microsoft Windows. We had MSI Control Center and MSI Click BIOS II installed concurrently. It was handy to switch between them by clicking the icon in the top right corner of each utility.

The Killer Network Manager utility provides system information and allows the user to keep track of various parameters such as CPU load. Its main purpose is network traffic prioritization.

Based on SBX Pro Studio technologies, the Sound Blaster Cinema utility lets you choose additional sound effects for games and music.

Besides the mainboards, the red-and-black color scheme of the gaming series covers the packaging, BIOS interface and bundled utilities. The pages of the MSI website about the new mainboards are also designed in this style, although it’s rather hard to read the red or white letters against the black background.

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