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During our MSI Z77A-GD65 review we pointed out its numerous advantages and minor drawbacks. It is hard to predict what your impression of the board is after reading our review: it all depends on the importance of certain aspects for your specific needs. As for me personally, I was left with a pretty neutral overall impression. This is a good MSI mainboard with typical highs and lows: we didn’t uncover any pleasant surprises, but at the same time didn’t get struck by any disappointing issues either. We did know right from the start that MSI mainboards were unable to increase the processor core voltage in Offset mode by simply adding a necessary value to the nominal, so we were prepared to see no overclocking records. We didn’t experience the same issues with saving the BIOS profiles, which were the case with MSI’s LGA 2011 mainboards; plus the new “Multi BIOS Update” parameter helped synchronize information in two BIOS chips, which also used to be a challenge. We didn’t like the poor accessories bundle, but loved the convenient PCB layout. The mainboard is energy-efficient enough due to high-quality “Military Class III” components, although not all Intel’s processor power-saving technologies are enabled by default and their unique APS technology shuts off any chance it gets. We were very pleased with easy-to-use wide latches on the graphics card slots, new “Enhanced Turbo” and “My OC Genie Option”, the parameter that allowed turning off the onboard LEDs and the BIOS switch. However, we weren’t too thrilled with not very high performance, misleading color-coding of the memory DIMM slots, limited functionality in regards to fan rotation speed adjustment and monitoring as well as the mix-up with the proprietary programs and utilities. For almost every advantage, you can find a drawback of its own that is why we believe it is up to you to decide whether MSI Z77A-GD65 deserves a prime spot in your system or not.

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