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Proprietary Software Bundle

We have already tested quite a lot of Micro-Star’s mainboards that is why we are very well familiar with their proprietary software. We are not going to discuss all the details once again today, but will merely remind you what programs and utilities they have available for download on their company web-site. The “MSI Control Center” utility allows overclocking your system from Windows.

“MSI Click BIOS II” duplicates the functions of this program, because it also has the BIOS interface ad allows adjusting some of its parameters. Although the identical user interface in UEFI BIOS as well as Windows is one of the major advantages of MSI mainboards, the program works extremely slowly. It could be because MSI Z77A-GD65 wasn’t among the supported mainboard models for the latest version 1.0.072 of this program at the time of tests, or could be because the program is simply slow overall.

Besides the already familiar programs, there also appeared a new one. “Network Genie” utility should allow managing network traffic, however, we couldn’t get it to work.

It turned out that there was nothing surprising about it, because this utility was designed for mainboards with Realtek RTL8111E or newer network controllers, and MSI Z77A-GD65 uses a network controller from Intel. Therefore, it is not quite clear why they are offering this utility for download on the mainboard page and also why a lot of other utilities are missing there. “MSI Live Update 5” utility didn’t locate any BIOS updates or already downloaded and installed utilities, but instead found a few other ones, which weren’t offered for downloading for some reason.

Speaking of the software bundle that comes with the Micro-Star mainboards, we can’t help mentioning “Winki 3” – a free Linux-based operating system. It would be correct to say that it must be installed otherwise you won’t be able to use the functionality of the “Browser” section in the BIOS, such as Internet access, e-mail, office and IM applications. Moreover, you won’t be able to launch “HDD Backup” and “Live Update” in the “Utilities” section. However, there is one problem: you can’t download Winki 3: you must use the DVD disk that comes with the mainboard. If your disk gets lost or damaged, you will lose this precious option. The owners of systems without the optical drive will also be in trouble, and nowadays systems like that become more and more widely spread.

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