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Windows Experience Index

We decided to start our performance tests with Windows Experience Index – performance score given to platforms by the operating system. This index looked as follows for Nvidia ION platform discussed today:

According to the operating system, the CPU is the bottleneck of the ION platform. In fact, this is exactly what we have already said. GeForce 9400 chipset offers a high-performance graphics core and pretty fast memory subsystem, but it can’t do much about the CPU that is evidently not designed for tasks requiring high computational capacity. Frankly speaking, it would make more sense to have the ION platform equipped with a more powerful Atom 330, but Nvidia thought otherwise. Nevertheless, the ION system and chipset specs would allow it, so mass production solutions on GeForce 9400 chipset have every chance to get a faster processor at their disposal.

For the sake of comparison I have to say that standard Intel platform on 945GC chipset scores lower in Windows Vista, but its results are better-balanced.

However, don’t take Windows Experience Index too seriously. Let’s move on to the results demonstrated by both Intel Atom platforms in more illustrative tests.

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