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The second mainboard from Sapphire called PURE WHITE FUSION E350 is a little simpler. And in fact, Sapphire not just took the top model and removed all the extras from it, but designed a completely new mainboard, which should become one of the cheapest AMD E-350 based solutions in the market. However, they didn’t go crazy with simplifying the board and lowering its cost. PURE WHITE FUSION E350 uses good-quality solid-state capacitors and even carries a few additional onboard controllers.

Nevertheless, most of the mainboard functionality is still implemented via the Hudson M1 chipset. The PCIe x16 slot typical of all Brazos systems works at x4 speed, and there are four 6 Gbps SATA ports. PURE WHITE FUSION E350 doesn’t have any USB 3.0 ports at all, but it uses an eight-channel Realtek ALC892 codec. The only additional controller you will find on this board is a Marvel 88E8059 that delivers Gigabit network support.

Since it is an inexpensive mainboard, it would be naïve to anticipate that it would have a ton of external ports and connectors. There are only four USB 2.0 ports, a Gigabit network port, three analogue audio-jacks and three monitor Outs: D-Sub, Single-link DVI and HDMI. In other words, it is the acceptable minimum, to which you could add another four USB 2.0 ports using the onboard pin-connectors.

However, this mainboard costs only around $100, while the advanced PURE FUSION MINI E350 sells for $140.

At the same time, PURE WHITE FUSION E350 even boasts a few indisputable advantages over its more expensive sister. There are two of them. First, it has regular (and not notebook) DIMM slots fir single-channel DDR3 SDRAM. Second, although it sues the same CPU cooling system as PURE FUSION MINI E350, it allows adjusting the fan rotation speed, though only partially. You can slow down the fan or disable it completely, but you can’t make its rotation speed variable depending on the processor temperature: it simply stops when you select the corresponding option. Nevertheless, this low-cost mainboard is quite fit for quiet systems, because even at 50% rotation speed, the fan is efficient enough to cope with the heatsink cooling.

Features Summary

Here are the mainboard specifications side by side:

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