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BIOS Functionality

Both mainboards use BIOS on AMI microcode with archaic text interface. But in this case it is doesn’t matter that much, because there isn’t much you can actually do in the BIOS Setup. There are not too many BIOS options and the most you can do is disable the additional controllers or set the boot-up devices order.

The following screenshots were taken on the PURE FUSION MINI E350. PURE WHITE FUSION E350 has a similar BIOS with even fewer settings.






There are no options for enthusiasts to be seen. Even the more advanced PURE FUSION MINI E350 has no overclocking-related options of any kind, not to mention the simpler PURE WHITE FUSION E350. The processor as well as graphics core on Sapphire mainboards can only work in nominal mode.

So, the only thing worth pointing out here would be the fan settings:

Although they only work on PURE WHITE FUSION E350. If you try adjusting these settings on a more expensive PURE FUSION MINI E350, nothing will actually happen. The problem must be connected with the fact that these options are programmed to work with 4-pin fans, while there is a three-pin fan on the board.

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