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If you are looking to build an inexpensive, compact and energy-efficient nettop, media center or home server, then Brazos platform would be an excellent choice, as its performance and functionality would be superior to anything with Atom processor onboard, even including those systems that are enforced with Nvidia ION. Therefore, mainboards like the ones we reviewed today are widely available and very popular.

However, it would be very hard to give any specific recommendations regarding the choice of a contemporary Mini-ITX mainboard based on AMD E-350. All existing models are very similar and there are very few truly unique solutions with completely passive cooling systems.

PURE WHITE FUSION E350 (IPC-E350M1W) and PURE FUSION MINI E350 (IPC-E350M1) mainboards are more typical rather than unique products. In fact, they can’t boast any remarkable advantages that would make them stand out among others. On the other hand, they are free from any obvious drawbacks, too, so if you are happy with the price and the available slots and controllers, then PURE WHITE FUSION E350 or PURE FUSION MINI E350 (IPC-E350M1) can be a good choice. PURE WHITE FUSION E350 is appealing due to its simple design and moderate power appetites, while PURE FUSION MINI E350 offers a lot of SATA ports, supports USB 3.0, has built-in Bluetooth and an additional Mini-PCIe slot. Note that in their current implementation both mainboards have not the best cooling system, but this issue will likely be resolved in the upcoming BIOS updates. 

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